Sunday, 27 January 2013

Individual Black Forest Gateau

Great British Chefs is a really good website that we often use for inspiration when trying to think of new ideas. Often you can use websites like this to find new flavour combinations and techniques and use them in your own way. However when we came across this recipe for individual Black Forest Gateau which looked so complex and time consuming, we didn't think it needed tampering with at all. There are lots of techniques and components that we have never heard of before so it was a bit of a challenge. It was very time consuming, but the end product was really rich, chocolatey and very tasty.
 With layers of chocolate sponge, white chocolate and vanilla mousse, cherries and a chocolate delice, all on top of a crispy chocolate feuillantine, this is a really rich and delicious dessert. It will take a while to make, but its worth all the effort.

With this one we just stuck to the recipe and so instead of re-writing the whole thing again, here is the link to the website. There are a couple of pointers that might help you out a little though -

- If, like us, you can't get your hands on feuilletine then you can use crushed corn flakes instead.
-  To make the praline paste, toast 150g almonds and 150g hazelnuts and then pour a caramel made with 200g sugar and 50ml water over the nuts. Allow to cool, then break it up and blend in a food processor for about 5 minutes. It will take a long time for the nuts to break down and release their oils to make a paste - be patient!

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