Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lancaster's Bakery, Harrogate

Throughout this blog we hope to show you the food we are cooking and eating at home, but we also hope that we can share more than that. We want to share all our foodie experiences, whether that be our own cooking, eating out at restaurants, coming across interesting food articles and anything and everything else food related. With that in mind, I want to tell you about a lovely family run business called Lancaster's Bakery in Harrogate.

Liz and I only moved to Harrogate a few months ago and so we are still exploring the eating options on offer, in what is a very food-conscious town. I was advised to go to Lancaster's by a work colleague who assured me that they serve the ''best sausage rolls in the world''. Upon entering the bakery, it appeared to just be quite a standard bakery, nothing too much different to any other bakery you can go to. We chose a wide selection of baked goods, including the sausage rolls, pepper steak slices and a chicken pie. Although the appearance was all very familiar and probably quite ordinary, the taste and flavours really were exceptional. The sausage rolls were indeed very good but it was the pepper steak slices which unanimously took all the greatest compliments.

I will certainly be a regular customer to Lancaster's and look forward to trying everything from their extensive range. Don't be put off by the average appearance of the place - they really are producing baked goods of an unparalled standard.

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